Predictve Formulaes

predictive formulaes for Astrology

  • Always take the ascendant chart as a photograph of geometrical map of the planets in sky for that particular place in North-Indian Chart.
  • As in a clock, we can easily predict what will be the time after 13 hours because we have 3 clock hands which can tell the exact time after 13 hours. Similarly, in astrology we have 7 planets moving in anticlockwise and 2 planets (Rahu, Ketu) moving in clockwise direction. Sometimes Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn also move in clockwise direction due to retrogration.
  • Go to the planet where it was in the bhachakra (basic horoscope) and where it is in transit, go by house to house co-relation and go to the deepest point of that single planet and single house, which sign is the Kaarak of Bhachakra.
  • It is very important to see for a planet that in which constellation and sub-constellation it was in horoscope of a person and in transit.
  • For any house (among the 12 houses), see the Bhav-Madhya, constellation and sub-constellation.
  • The positive and negative yoga which form in little intervals are lesser powerful in comparison to yoga which forms in long intervals.
  • For any planet, it is very important to see that which planets are posited in after and before house of that particular planet. It is also considerable for houses also.
  • Rahu and Ketu become half like the lord of sign and become half the house in which they are. This is the reason why Rahu becomes so powerful in the 10th house.
  • Always take the planetary condition in a horoscope. We should always keep in mind the karkatva of planet in bhachakra(basic horoscope) and the signs where the planets are in bhachakra.
  • Always see the degree of planets before analyzing that whether the planet is seeing the other planet completely or not completely.
  • In order to calculate whether the planet is in retrogration, even if it is moving straight, we should deeply analyze the speed of that planet. If the planet is above or below its normal speed then it is in one type of retrogration even it is moving straight.
  • Positive and negative yoga – We should always take the yoga as an indicator only in a horoscope. In order to predict anything that the yoga will give positive or negative result, we should deeply analyze the constellation and sub-constellation which are connected with that yoga. It is the most important thing regarding the prediction of that yoga.