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Kal Sarp Yoga

In a Horoscope, if all the seven planets are in between Rahu and Ketu then it is termed as Kal Sarp Yoga,

Myth –

So there is a general myth that Kal Sarp Yoga is very bad.

Myth Buster –

Before predicting anything about the result of Kal Sarp Yoga we should see the other planets which are in any type of connection with Rahu and Ketu. Kal Sarp Yoga is just like snake and ladder that children used to play, so if a person having Kal Sarp Yoga is lucky then he will step up with the help of ladders but if that person is unlucky then he will have several downfalls because of snakes.

Explanation –

So in the above image we can clearly see that there are several snakes and ladders from 1 – 100.

So if a person is lucky then he will keep on moving upwards with the help of several ladders and if a person is unlucky then he will keep on falling downwards because of several snakes.

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