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Gaj Kesari Yoga

Gaj Kesari Yoga

There are 3 combination of Gaj-Kesari Yoga in a horoscope-

  • When Jupiter and Moon are conjoined i.e. they are placed in a same house.
  • When Jupiter and Moon are placed at 7th house from each other i.e they are seeing each other.
  • Some people also think that when Jupiter is placed in trine (trikona) from Moon then it is also Gaj-Kesari Yoga.


There is a general myth that it is very good Raj Yoga to give very beneficiary result.

Myth Buster

Approx. 33% of population all over the world will have Gaj Kesari Yoga. So how can we clearly say that this is a very good Raj Yoga as in practical, it is not possible

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