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Anuj Jain 'AJ'


Welcome to Nine Astro Stars. Myself Anuj Jain. Just like you, I have always been in search of one thing or others all through my life and the search is still on. From my personal experience and by observing the pattern of events that occurred around me, I start realizing that there is something beyond human eyes that manages and affect our life. Then I start exploring and learning astrology. In my quest to learn more I start decoding how the planets, stars, nakshatra, our karma and time influence our life. It does not matter whether you believe in astrology or not, but astrology will have an impact on our life and to know all of this, research about the same, I had to take some very hard decisions which was to resign from my dream job in the most reputed Bank, SBI(State Bank of India) from the managerial post.

Astrology is a science and not a superstition. Through this channel, I’m trying to share all my knowledge, and experience with those who are struggling with one or other aspects of their life. Most of the time we are worried about something or someone. Sometimes it is about our life, career, money, love or health and sometimes the concern is for our loved ones. If you are facing any kind of difficulty or challenges and despite all your effort you are not able to find the solution then consulting an astrologer can give you the hope to deal with the situation. Follow the remedies and suggestions with faith and by god’s grace soon you will find strength and solution to deal with the situation.

Follow my channel to find out how astrology has the power to affect us and how with simple remedies we can make the time favorable for us.

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